Add a little metallic shimmer to your life

Feeling the metallic love… mixed metallics are ‘en trend’ this season with metallic tones such as silver, nickel steel, gold, rose gold, bronze and brass among others adding a touch of glamour to design schemes across the home.

Think outside the box

Metallic tones can be found in just about anything you can think of – fabric, tiles, wall paper and furniture – adding texture and interest to your design scheme.

The monochrome colour pallet can be uplifted with metallic Silver grey fabrics, real metallic touches on furniture hardware and homeware accessories. If you are looking to add an Art Deco touch then metallic are a must.

Top tip:

If you are looking to add warmth to an otherwise monochrome design scheme try mixing your metallics – add bronze-hues and gold touches to your design.

Less bling more shimmer

Metallics can be used as little or as much as is your taste but a well designed interior scheme will have balance and structure. Sometimes mixing metallic tones and finishes and styles with wild abandon can be a little overwhelming. As you would with colour, look to pay careful attention to how each metallic element relates to the others and don’t introduce too many styles. Similarly, if you plan to use items in a lot of differing tones, try to find a common thread which unites them.

Scale it

Bring balance to your design scheme when using larger design statements such as metallic furniture or wall coverings ensure that your other metallic accessories are more subtle.

In the bathroom add shimmer and shine with metallic tone tiles for your splashback or shower wall. Metallic shimmer doesn’t have to me made of metal – metallic shimmer can come from glass. Check out the range of Glass Neutrals from The Silverlion Trading Company.