Embrace your Vintage pattern

So where do you start when considering using pattern in your home or project? The patchwork theme is very popular in interior design right now, make up your own patterns on your walls and floors at home. Geometric, moorish style patterns can inject a Moroccan feel to a space that is bang on trend now. Patterned tiles can create a lot of interest in a relatively small traditional space, but if you want to go ultra-modern, then why not be adventurous and use a patterned tile in other areas of your home.


A hallway can really set the tone for a home when the floor features patterned tiles – this is the more traditional approach and homes from the turn of the century often featured dramatically patterned hallways to show opulence.

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen splash backs have in recent years been very ‘Metro’ with a move towards ‘slab’ style cupboard doors and facias. The addition of colour and pattern can really lift a ‘slab’ style kitchen – If you are not feeling brave enough to an all over look then why not try a feature splash back behind a sink or hob.

Open Plan Living

Feature tile walls don’t have to be just in the kitchen. If you are looking to create a feature in your living or dining space, then why not look at a patterned tile wall or use patterned tiles on the floor to create rug effects within larger spaces. This can act not only as a great focal point, but it also can define different zones within an open plan home.

Beware not all pattern types work well in all spaces. For example, if you want to use pattern in a small space, consider the impact will have on the space; Use a border and it will actively draw your eyes in making the space appear a little smaller; Try edge to edge pattern and it could expand the space visually. Remember to look for the balance when using pattern.

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