Porcelain Vs Natural Stone

When looking at tiles the age old argument of Porcelain Vs Natural Stone crops up time and time again. Practicality verses the real McCoy. But what is about one material or another than makes it such a hard choice?


Porcelain is fired at a high temperature resulting is a durable material for use around the home. Most porcelain tiles are glazed, the glazing helps prevent scratches and reduces wear. The durability of natural stone varies, materials like granite and slate are much harder than marble or limestone.

Look and feel

Natural stone it as it says ‘natural’ and hence every tile is unique, ageless and beautiful. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a manufactured product that is created to imitate the look of natural stone, however the patterns are repeated and if laid without thought can appear so.


Natural stone is among the most expensive tile materials available, so in terms of cost, porcelain tiles will offer greater savings if cost is a concern for your project. Natural stone’s expense also extends into the installation phase of your project.

Ease of installation

Natural stone can have variances in thickness and hence to maintain continuity when installing it can be necessary to use thicker adhesives to hide these natural irregularities in the surface of the material. Due to the more expensive nature of natural stone it is highly recommended to be installed by an experienced tiler. Materials such as marble can warp if the wrong adhesive is used during installation. Porcelain on the other hand is uniform and hence can be easier to install


Upkeep requirements depends on the type of stone chosen, for example granite demands less maintenance than marble, which is a much softer stone. Porcelain on the other hand is extremely resilient and therefore, it requires very little maintenance.

What every your preference porcelain can often be the tile of choice due to is more reasonable price point. Check out the new ranges of porcelain tiles from Silver Lion – Evolution, Tuscan and Vermont ranges available for delivery now.

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