How bold are you?

Are you ready to embrace the latest tile trend?

Marseille Patterned porcelain Rouet

Patterned tiles are all the rage at the moment, with an ode to the retro styling of the 1970’s and a north African influence coming through to interiors as a whole.

If you are brave enough to embrace the patterned tile trend, then patterned tiles are a great way of adding personality to a room. Giving a room another layer of detailed interest, colour and light. The North African influence seeing classing patterns in co-ordinating colours being used together across soft furnishings, furniture, flooring and tiles.

When used on floors, especially repetitive patterns and multi-coloured tiles can make a room feel bigger whereas neutral patterned tiles can add a sense of warmth and texture.

If you are not brave enough to use bold pattern tiles all over the floor, then maybe the trend of ‘rugging’ is for you. This is the design style of creating rug sized areas of patterned tiles in the centre of a floor where it would be logical for a rug to be and bordering it with a plainer co-ordinating tile. This design trend has been appearing at home styling shows such as Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live throughout this year and it looks to be a trend set to stay.

Check out the range of Marseille patterned tiles from The Silver Lion Trading Company. With 5 co-ordinating patterns to choose from, they can be either used individually to create a striking patterned scheme or randomly in conjunction with each other to create a more eclectic look and feel. Prices start from just £39.99 per square metre.

Be inspired!

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